Joint Replacement Center

Our hospital provides Joint Replacement Surgery/Treatment with its state-of-the-art specialized health care facilities and provides the highest levels of professional expertise and patient care.

Our Specialist has expertise in a unique method of knee joint replacement surgery and hip replacement in which the patients have minimum postoperative discomfort and patient can be discharged at the earliest.

Joint replacement is generally a kind of surgical treatment that is performed to release the pain of joint due to disability or limited movability of joint. Hip replacement is also a kind of surgical treatment in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Such joint replacement surgeries are generally conducted to relieve pain due to arthritis or severe physical joint damage as part of the hip fracture.

We are specialized joint replacement center & clinic in Mumbai that gives the best effective joint replacement treatment in any joint disorders including knee, hip as well as shoulders.

Saillee hospital is a multispecialty joint replacement center & clinic in Mumbai that offers best medical care as compare national standards. Our aim is to provide maximum effective joint replacement treatment to different orthopaedic disorders or any injuries. We are accompanied with highly advanced equipment, technology and infrastructure facilities with us. Hence Prefered where highest level of surgical and medical expertise required.

Chairman's Words

Mumbai Suburbs’ large and diverse population attracts an efficient health care facility that should be accessible to all strata of the society. A good quality health care facility is the need of the hour and should not be restricted to the elite class only. Since we set up Sailee Hospital in 2005, my vision and endeavor has been to bring state-of-the-art health care to the general population and the needy. We at Sailee Hospital are committed to providing medical care at a minimum possible cost.


Our mission is to treat our patients with compassion, providing world class health care, nothing less than 100% in quality, maintaining an environment where, safety and cost effectiveness are integral to our service. Our principles are our driving force and we do our utmost to treat patients irrespective of their educational background, caste, creed or social status. We are committed in persistently serving humanity at every needful hour with our state-of-the-art facilities and qualified professionals.


We aim to be a healthcare institution that combines the best in medical treatment with strong ethical principles and a reputation for patient care, performance and sustained growth. We are motivated by the immense faith that our patients have bestowed on us. We will stand by our principles and policies and will pursue the same with full dedication in the future as well. In order to achieve this, we at Sailee Hospital are committed to providing medical care at a minimum possible cost.